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by jdelozier

Business and technology are changing – rapidly.

We are in the initial stages of a new era and the next industrial revolution, popularly termed Industry 4.0. Harnessing the transformative power of the digital age is currently on every business leaders mind.

Business and technology are evolving. From a disconnected model based on fragmented and disparate systems – to a connected, cloud-based model where companies are leveraging SaaS and open platform solutions to better automate, integrate and consolidate all of their systems and data.

Digital is no longer just a strategy. It’s a necessity and the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we all do business. It’s creating new business models, unlocking cost savings and efficiencies and helping businesses get closer to their customers.

Tomorrow’s successful companies will be the one’s that create interactive experiences for customers, that empower employees to be more innovative and efficient, and that transform processes and business models to respond swiftly in the market.

Businesses must be proactive, act quickly and securely deploy the right sensors, devices, networks and platforms in order to harness real-time data to drive insights and decisions. Businesses must also integrate their plant floor operations with their IT processes if they are to unlock the true potential of their IoT investment.

These are common challenges we hear when we are talking with business and technology leaders around the world. And we’re here to help. Cumulus has been helping customers connect machines to the internet since our inception. We offer all the pieces and expertise needed to create any smart IoT solution. Making your business faster, more agile and more connected than ever before.

The complexity of deploying IoT solutions requires specialists with the right experience to guide your customers. That’s where Cumulus comes in. We’re here to help. Connecting machines to the internet may sound easy, but it’s increasing complex. Cumulus transforms complexity into simplified decisions and solutions and then efficiently delivers the right solutions in partnership with your teams.

And we do this in an objective and unbiased manner that represents the best interest of you, the client. Our mission is to make enterprise software, technology platforms and IoT device integration easy, scalable and profitable for our clients.

How is Cumulus Consulting Different?

Cumulus is a different kind of enterprise systems and digital technology firm for a different technology future. We offer a different perspective – a 360° perspective.
Rather than promoting any one technology or enterprise solution, we remain agnostic and help our clients evaluate the range of options available. Think of us as your Digital Transformation Navigator, that integrates your entire business process into a holistic solution for each project, or portfolios of projects, anywhere around the world.

We work with a wide variety of enterprise clients. This experience allows us to offer unique solutions specific to the needs of the industrial and commercial marketplace. Our clients range from fortune 500 corporations to small start-ups, from food and beverage to industrial manufacturing operations, from distribution to institutions.
Cumulus brings it all together so that you can accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Experts

To truly embrace digital transformation, you need a digital ready infrastructure. Cumulus has the technology and expertise to build this infrastructure. Not only build it, but make it simple, secure, automated and intelligent. We make it simple by providing IoT ready products, platforms and services, delivered by a single vendor with the right combination of IoT experience.

We have the right industry experience, the widest range of solution choices, unlimited development capabilities, and a track record of successful implementations and deployments – all of which combine to provide a 360° complete solution for our clients.

Working with Cumulus takes all the guesswork out of digital enterprise transformation projects.

Whatever your business is and whatever your challenges may be, Cumulus has the right combination of digital transformation experience and technical know-how to streamline and safeguard your critical IoT projects.

Business technology is changing.

You can benefit from this change.

Let us empower you with smart digital enterprise transformation solutions. Solutions that are designed from the start to work together. To work better. To help you innovate faster.



Contact us today and let’s discover how together we can accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

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