ERP Software Selection

ERP Software Selection

ERP software selection is a major business undertaking with many critical factors to consider. There is no one simple answer, but Cumulus will work with you to identify the right solution for your organization.

Whether you are starting from the ground up or need an ERP to seamlessly integrate with another system, our team will evaluate and analyze your current system and every aspect of your business to ensure you choose a solution that meets all of your current needs and has the flexibility to meet future needs as your organization grows and changes.

Being platform agnostic, we analyze your business’s specific needs and offer a solution that is customized to meet them. We help with the bidding process, RQFs, demos, proposal evaluations, SWOT analysis, and more. By partnering with Cumulus early in the process, you ensure you have taken everything into account and have a clear picture of how the pieces all fit together before you make this vital decision.

ERP Cloud vs. On-Premise

A primary decision in ERP software selection is whether to choose a cloud or on-premise solution. Our ERP selection checklist breaks down some deciding factors for each option.

On-Premise Solutions

  • Software installed and maintained on equipment in your location
  • Significant upfront and ongoing maintenance costs: hardware, support staff, infrastructure updates, disaster recovery systems, housing, running, and maintaining the equipment
  • Risk of significant downtime if equipment fails
  • Less flexibility to keep up with evolving technology (system updates may not occur automatically)

Cloud Solutions

  • ERP system is hosted on remote servers and accessed via the Internet
  • Fewer upfront costs since there is no hardware or equipment to house and manage
  • Subscription-based pricing allows you to pay-as-you-go and add functionality as your business grows and your needs evolve
  • Individual applications can be integrated to fill specific needs and make an existing system function more effectively
  • Automatic updates to technology are built into your subscription so your ERP always has the latest capabilities

The Cumulus Difference

Our team has an edge when it comes to helping you choose the best ERP for your business.

  • We have extensive experience in all areas of manufacturing, so we know what questions to ask to meet all of your business needs and goals.
  • We have experience with a wide variety of platforms, including SAP, Plex, NetSuite, Inductive Automation, and many others.
  • We have more ERP implementation experience than many other implementers, giving us a level of unique knowledge that other firms can’t match.

The Cumulus team will meet with you and your team on site to evaluate and analyze your current and future ERP needs. Our experience will help us recommend the best solution to transform your business operations and help you achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.

ERP Selection

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