ERP Software Optimization

ERP Software Optimization

Efficiency is critical in today’s global manufacturing market. If you aren’t manufacturing with optimal efficiency, you will lose business. But how can you solve a problem that you may not realize you have?

Cumulus Consulting’s Optimization process is based on our belief in the need for continuous improvement in manufacturing operations. The world is constantly changing, and the way you did things yesterday likely needs to change today and for the future. Once an ERP is implemented, if it is not analyzed for performance and areas of improvement on an ongoing basis, it can become stagnant – even potentially a hindrance to your operation in a matter of years, if not months.

Our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to strategically consult with our customers and develop optimization plans for SAP, Plex and other ERP softwares to help their businesses operate as effectively as possible. This consultation helps our customers stay ahead of rapidly evolving technology and maintain their competitive edge.

Our 5-Step Optimization Process:

  1. Evaluate. Our team completes a collaborative on-site consultation and assessment involving key members of all departments, gathering data based on observations and on-site process studies.
  2. Analyze. We analyze our findings and figure out together what is working and what areas need improvement.
  3. Plan. We use our manufacturing experience to develop an optimization plan for maximum ROI based on the unique needs of your business.
  4. Present. We present a comprehensive optimization plan including pricing and timeline expectations.
  5. Rollout. Once the optimization plan is approved, it’s time to get to work.

Why Cumulus?

We have successfully optimized a wide range of ERP software solutions for small- to global-scaled organizations. Our team has extensive manufacturing experience, and the team includes many former Plex employees who bring a unique view to ERP optimization. We are able to identify and even anticipate areas of needed improvement in manufacturing operations with pinpoint accuracy compared to other consulting firms.

Is your ERP doing all that it can to keep your business profitable, on the cutting edge, and ahead of the competition?

If you can’t answer, “Yes!” with 100% confidence, it’s time to contact Cumulus Consulting.

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