Our Story

Cumulus Consulting is a Michigan-based firm, located near the heart of the automotive industry in Detroit.

Cumulus was founded with a vision of fundamentally improving the way companies use innovative technology to develop mission-critical business applications. With deep roots in manufacturing, technology, and ERP systems, Cumulus has been successfully helping clients with digital transformations for over a decade. The contemporary vision of Cumulus has proven to be very successful, as Cumulus has grown by at least 50% annually.

Today, our team of highly skilled consultants includes talented professionals who have spent their lives working in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Many have held various positions from machine operators to C-level executives and even owners.

Cumulus offers the broadest wealth of manufacturing experience in the ERP implementation and development industry. When you choose Cumulus as your digital transformation partner, you’re truly selecting a partner for the long haul. We take great pride in our projects and the successes that are had from providing great solutions for our clients.

Increased margins, greater visibility and fewer roadblocks to continued growth and success are the results of a great implementation when you work with Cumulus.

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How is Cumulus Different?

Cumulus is a different kind of technology partner. We are not just an ERP implementation provider. We offer a different perspective – a 360-degree perspective.

Rather than promoting any one technology or enterprise solution, we remain agnostic and help our clients evaluate the range of options available. Think of us as your digital transformation navigators that integrate your entire business process into a holistic solution for each project, or portfolio of projects, anywhere around the world.

We work with a wide variety of enterprise clients, and this experience allows us to offer unique solutions specific to the needs of the industrial and commercial marketplace. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to small start-ups, from food and beverage to industrial manufacturing operations, from distribution to institutions.

Cumulus brings it all together so that you can accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

Transforming Complex into Simple

The complexity of deploying IoT solutions requires specialists with the right experience. That’s where Cumulus comes in. We’re here to help, and we are about so much much more than connecting machines to the Internet. Cumulus transforms complexity into simplified decisions and then efficiently delivers the right solutions in partnership with your teams.

We do this in an objective and unbiased manner, but with your best interests in mind. Our mission is to make enterprise software, technology platforms, and IoT device integration easy, scalable, and profitable for our clients, so you can focus on utilizing data instead of chasing and organizing data that is outdated.

Cumulus provides solutions that deliver real-time, instantaneous data collection that allows managers to better focus on the strategy of the company instead of constantly fighting fires. We enable intelligent preventive maintenance and predictive monitoring to ensure no loss in productivity. We give you up-to-the-minute OEE insight and real-time inventory visibility, monitoring, advanced traceability, barcode labeling, RFID, and more. We help you leverage integrated business processes that deliver one version of the truth across the entire organization.

Imagine management reports at the touch of a button. This is what Cumulus brings to the table. Together we can deliver more visibility in your market, allowing you to grow your business, achieve best in class, and continue to stand out as an industry leader.

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