Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud ERP Solutions

Cumulus proudly represents the following industry leading cloud ERP solutions

A World-Class Cloud ERP Solution is the backbone of any modern IT infrastructure. Cumulus proudly represents the following industry leading cloud ERP solutions. Cumulus supports all phases of implementations and optimizations as well as develops custom solutions to enhance and extend these world-class ERP solutions.


Plex Manufacturing Cloud

Plex  The Manufacturing Cloud

Plex is the only ERP solution with manufacturing at its core. Plex is 100% focused on full MES and ERP integration for your discrete and process manufacturing needs, with industry-leading plant floor to top floor functionality. With a modern cloud-based manufacturing ERP and MES that scales and adapts to your business needs, Plex lets you keep your focus on your business instead of IT.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud significantly cuts the cost of installing, maintaining, supporting, and upgrading your ERP system. By removing ongoing costs such as maintenance, support, and upgrades, the total cost of ownership is lower not just in year one, but throughout the lifetime of your relationship with Plex.


Accredited  PLEX Partner – PowerPlex Partner of the Year Award 2019

“Partners are an essential part of the Plex Systems ecosystem, and deliver deep experience and value to our customers,” said Bill Berutti, CEO of Plex Systems. “These Impact Awards recognize the commitment our partners demonstrate to apply and extend the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to driver customer success.”

Cumulus is the only Plex Partner that is accredited to provide you unparalleled service in all areas, including implementation, custom development, and integrations. You will not find any other services partner that provides you a one-stop shop for all of your Plex digital transformation needs.

Plex Accredited Service Partner

As a Services Partner to Plex, Cumulus provides implementation and optimization consulting services to new and existing Plex customers worldwide. Our team of Plex-Accredited Implementation Specialists is the largest and most experienced team in the Plex ecosystem. Our team has hundreds of Plex implementations under its belt, as well as decades of manufacturing knowledge working on behalf of our customers.

Solutions Partner

Cumulus Consulting was named Partner of Year at PowerPlex 2019 for delivering both services and solutions.

As a Solutions Partner, Cumulus offers numerous advantages to our clients that want to get the most from their new ERP systems. Adding an Integration platform to your plant floor is the “icing on the cake” to provide you with all of the augmented capabilities that your current systems may be lacking. Cumulus is the only Plex partner that provides its own IoT platform and web applications that augment and extend Plex.



A&K finishing logoCASE STUDY: A&K Finishing

A&K Finishing Manages Explosive Growth, Greater Efficiency with the help of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and Cumulus Consulting

A&K Finishing Plex case study


Everyone at Cumulus was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their unique approach to training enabled us to work closely with them over a nine-month period and build our own information. As a result, not only do our day-to-day users have a great understanding of Plex, but our managers are really comfortable with it, too.


– Scott Hankamp, Operations Manager

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The State of Manufacturing Technology Report

The 2019 State of Manufacturing Technology Report surveys more than 150 manufacturers from a diverse set of industries including automotive components to industrial equipment, aerospace, food and beverage, high technology, and plastics.

Download the report for insights on how manufacturers are taking advantage of:

  • Cloud computing
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Connected devices (like IP-enabled tools and machines)
  • The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

See how today’s manufacturers are driving the fourth industrial revolution with advanced manufacturing technology.


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Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing

The Definitive Guide To Connected Manufacturing

Discover how connected manufacturing turns challenges into opportunities and transforms how you do business.

Download the Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing and you will:

  • Identify industry and technology challenges that can be turned into a competitive advantage.
  • Understand how companies like yours are leveraging connected manufacturing.
  • Determine what kind of system will support your manufacturing business today, and in the future.
  • Make an informed decision about your business strategy—and feel confident about it.

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How To Measure and Improve Your Overall Equipment Efficiency

Track OEE and implement improvements for a big impact on efficiency.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) optimizes production processes and profitability by reducing lost production time and improving performance. OEE sheds light on the percentage of production time that is truly productive using the latest measurement and analysis tools. Download this paper to:

  • Learn the relevance and benefits of using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • See the calculations that form OEE and look at how to obtain real-time insight into activities and performance by machine, worker, shift, material, or supplier.
  • Understand how analyzing production metrics of availability, performance, and quality enables reduction in product defects and recalls.

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