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Purpose Built for Manufacturing

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is the only ERP solution with manufacturing at its core. Plex is 100% focused on full MES and ERP integration for your discrete and process manufacturing needs, with industry-leading plant floor to top floor functionality. With a modern cloud-based manufacturing ERP and MES that scales and adapts to your business needs, Plex lets you keep your focus on your business instead of IT.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud significantly cuts the cost of installing, maintaining, supporting, and upgrading your ERP system. By removing ongoing costs such as maintenance, support, and upgrades, the total cost of ownership is lower not just in year one, but throughout the lifetime of your relationship with Plex.

Accredited Plex Partners

Cumulus is the only Plex Partner that is accredited to provide you unparalleled service in all areas, including implementation, custom development, and integrations. You will not find any other services partner that provides you a one-stop shop for all of your Plex digital transformation needs.

Service Partner

As a Services Partner to Plex, Cumulus provides implementation and optimization consulting services to new and existing Plex customers worldwide. Our team of Plex-accredited Implementation Specialists is the largest and most experienced team in the Plex ecosystem. Our team has hundreds of Plex implementations under its belt, as well as decades of manufacturing knowledge working on behalf of our customers.

Solutions Partner

As a Solutions Partner, Cumulus offers numerous advantages to our clients that want to get the most from their new ERP systems. These include our Cumulus Web browser extension and our proprietary integration connectors.

  • Plex Connector: Our integration connectors are embedded into Ignition, one of the world’s leading SCADA applications. This provides a platform that is agnostic and allows us to seamlessly connect any of your shop floor devices to your Plex. We can connect PLCs, CNCs, measuring equipment, weigh scales, scanners, RFID – you name it.

Using our proprietary connectors, importing all your Plex Workcenters into our SCADA application takes just a few minutes. Once imported, each workcenter can quickly be set up to update status, record production, and even show data on existing Plex screens.

  • Cumulus Web: Cumulus Web, our flagship browser application, delivers outstanding performance and flexibility and allows Plex users to expand, extend, and refine how they run their operations with Plex. Every day, hundreds of Plex customers are using Cumulus Web to help them run their organizations more effectively.

Highlights include our 3-Dimensional Truck Cubing application, our Live Workcenter Requirements Dashboard as well as our third-party parcel and LTL shipping integrations, which allow you to send and receive important costing and tracking information from inside the Plex application without ever logging into another system.

These are just a few examples of the many value-added features and functions that Cumulus Web brings to Plex.

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