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What is Smart Manufacturing?

by jdelozier

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Over the last decade, the evolution of the Internet of Things, big data and the ever-present desire for increased productivity has driven the smart manufacturing movement. But what exactly is smart manufacturing?

Today, manufacturers can see and react to the performance of their machines and integrated systems with analytics in real-time. They can enable machines to talk to one another, control operations remotely, predict disruptions and even share live data with their supply chains.

The benefits of smart machines, smart factories and smart manufacturing go far beyond efficiency, quality and cost savings. They are the promise of enabling truly sustainable, efficient and custom manufacturing. Once networked to a larger system, smart manufacturing holds the potential to reshape supply chains.

Smart manufacturing isn’t all about what’s happening inside the factory alone. It also enables transparency through the supply chain from original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, right down to their lowest-tier suppliers.

Data being generated by sensors embedded in equipment has opened up a new world of possibilities in manufacturing. Advancements in storage, bandwidth, processing power and algorithms enable us mine telemetry data more quickly than ever.

The digital revolution will magnify mechanical innovations and enable machines to move from isolation to fully integrated production models that evolve toward learning systems.

At Cumulus Consulting, we specialize in helping manufacturer’s take advantage of these possibilities by helping them implement and leverage smart manufacturing. Our deep roots in manufacturing, technology and cloud-based systems has enabled our engineers to develop solutions that take the complexity out of smart manufacturing solutions.

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