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In everything we do, we believe in thinking outside the box, in challenging the status quo, and in solving problems in innovative ways. We strive to inspire our customers, our employees, and our partners to conceive of limitless possibilities. We didn’t invent the “can do” spirit, but we do embrace it and it is our underlying and driving core value.

Cumulus is a full-service ERP and technology consulting firm with a special focus on developing digital transformation solutions for manufacturers.

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Marcus Merchant Olde Thompson, LLC

Olde Thompson fulfills our clients web orders direct to consumer and ships approximately 300 parcel packages per week. Cumulus has made it possible for us to do that through their integration with Plex and their Chrome App without the need for manual entry. This allows us to ship not only with our own Parcel accounts, but also utilizing our clients Parcel accounts. This tool has allowed us to streamline our process easily and effectively with minimal errors. Lance, Craig, and the rest of the team at Cumulus made themselves available to tweak the product to our needs as we went Live with Plex and were readily available to assist and train with any questions or issues that we had. We are very happy with the product and with the service we received while rolling out this new product, we look forward to a long relationship with Cumulus and Plex.

Kurt Kronz Auto Bolt Co.

Through the tremendous help we had from the Cumulus team, it made it easy. Basically, all I had to do was see the big picture and have them help guide us to get to that point. A lot of the Cumulus employees are former Plex employees, so they were very knowledgeable about the system and able to give an unbiased view of some of the strengths and weaknesses. And we think we’ve captured most of the strengths we’re able to work like partners throughout the whole process.

Jamie Moneta GSS Global Steering Systems

We had many choices when picking an implementation partner, but to us there was only one choice, Cumulus! Their knowledge of manufacturing and Plex was without question the best we have ever seen in a service partner.

Bill Canning GenZe by Mahindra

I wanted to pass along a note about our Plex consultant, Jason Delozier and his company, Cumulus Consulting. He has held a crucial role in our successful implementation of Plex at GenZe. I can’t say enough great things about Jason and his team! If our story is told, I feel it only appropriate to credit a piece of our growing success to Cumulus and their ability to leverage a great relationship with your team.

Scott Hankamp AK Finishing

Everyone at Cumulus was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their unique approach to training enabled us to work closely with them over a nine-month period and build our own information. As a result, not only do our day-to-day users have a great understanding of Plex, but our managers are really comfortable with it, too.

Chad Walls Kamco

Working with a like-minded group driven to make their customers succeed through the use of new technologies.

Utilizing the flexibility of MFGx integration and Ignition to design customized analytic data as well as help us integrate printing processes directly from Plex.

Stephen Sheerwood Trans-Matic

We appreciate working with consultants who are willing to engage with us as collaborators. Cumulus has always been willing to join our teams and process problems and ideas with us.

We also know that if we run into a dead end on a technical issue, the team at Cumulus won’t just clear the path, they will be willing to discuss how that path can be cleared.

They are always inclined to share knowledge, which doesn’t just support our technical needs – it helps us develop our own skill sets internally.

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