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MFGx OES Platform

MFGx is an ALL-IN-ONE Platform that includes all of the tools you need to connect, collect and analyze all of your critical manufacturing data.


All-In-One Platform

simple, affordable pricing

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$2,000 /month

1-year subscription fee, billed annually, per facility



Guaranteed performance for up to 50 clients (i.e. users/connections) Over 50 clients call for pricing. 3% Innovation surcharge added annually to the recurring contract price. Additional transaction charges billed monthly. *Requires Ignition or Kepware on  premise. Please inquire for multiple facility pricing, if you need enhancements, or have a currently unsupported integration end-point. Pricing effective Q3 2018 and is subject to change without notice.

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MFGx Cloud Connect

MFGx is the industry’s leading multi-tenant, cloud-based integration solution, enabling users to securely connect disparate cloud or on-premise business systems and application. Best-in-class MFGx spans integration across cloud and on premise deployments, easily handling everything from your simplest data connection to your most complex business process.

Leveraging the AWS infrastructure as a backbone to this powerful platform, MFGx has unlocked the hidden potential for ERP systems such as Plex, SAP, Oracle and others. Prior to MFGx, we typically found ourselves building custom integrations to applications such as Workday, ADP, TeamCenter and Magento to name a few.

With MFGx, we have created an agnostic platform that provides near real-time integrations between any systems you currently have or are considering.

A simple user interface allows you to “bridge the gap” between your disparate systems and an intuitive method of connecting the dots between systems such as, E-commerce, PLM, CAD/CAM, ERP and other business related software. MFGx allows you to streamline your operations, thereby reducing overhead, manual data entry, errors and best of all, get everyone on the same page. Design your own workflows and trigger/event relationships as you need in order to effectively communicate between your systems.

CAD/CAM Integration – Build your production schedule in your ERP, or in MFGx – publish the schedule to your CAM software for nesting, then push the final nest data back to MFGx to update your production schedule, material requirements, etc. in real time. – i.e. Sigmanest
PLM Integration – Create and manage all of your Engineering data in your PLM application – then using MFGx we can automate the creation/updates of that data in the manufacturing system of record, whether that be an ERP system or MFGx directly. – i.e. Arena / TeamCenter
E-Commerce Integration – Eliminate manual order entry from website stores or retail outlets into your ERP system, connect them internally with MFGx and the orders placed via web by your customers (B2C and B2B) will be transformed into real orders in your system to be acted upon. In the case or retail operations, we can transform the entire retail order into meaningful system records, for example, the Customer Sales Order, Inventory allocation, Shipment finalization – all without your business users having to touch a single thing. – i.e. Magento, Clover
HR Integrations – Integrate your 3rd party Human Capital management systems with your ERP to automate the creation and updating of employee records. Synchronize timeclock data across your systems to streamline the data flow and ease reporting to capture important aspects like Operator/Labor efficiency. Store and maintain all of your data in 1 system (of your choice) and know that everything is synchronized without the need to double enter anything and avoid costly mistakes. – i.e. ADP
ERP Integrations – If you’re running a large enterprise, you most likely struggle with multiple ERP systems and the ability to easily exchange information between them. This is no longer an issue with MFGx, as a bridge between your ERP systems, you can determine which one will be system of record for various data objects, which is all defined within MFGx. Update parts, routings and BOMs in one place and have that almost instantly reflected in your other ERP.  Running multi-tier systems for large enterprises is very common, we have created the perfect platform to integrate these for manufacturers because MFGx is purpose built for manufacturers. You can also use MFGx as a means of “consolidating” your data from multiple end points if you like rather than just a data pipe between them. Perhaps you maintain different data in different systems, however, you’d like to provide your engineering group with one simple interface to be able to interact with all of them, rather than managing separate logins and users across the board. Provide your entire company access to MFGx and save on the redundant users. – i.e. SAP, Plex, NetSuite, JDEdwards, Oracle
TMS Integrations – Transportation management is key to cost reduction and getting product to your customers on time, every time. Whether you already have a system in place, or prefer to use ours we can build an integration that will simplify the data flow between your ERP and your TMS to provide a seamless interaction between the systems. We have experience working with many large manufacturing clients and we understand the importance of logistics for your business operations. – i.e. Kuebix, Best Transport
IoT Smart Factory Integrations – MFGx was designed to work seamlessly with the majority of today’s top shelf SCADA programs to allow users to quickly connect MES systems they’re currently using, with their ERP or accounting systems to automate inventory flow and logistics. Eliminate the need for keying in production counts or scrap counts, eliminate hour by hour boards and manual data collection and tracking. Pull the real time data into MFGx and use it for generating compelling dashboards that can be presented on the plant floor, or even in boards rooms to show customers how modern and sophisticated your operations truly are in addition to how much control you have over your processes to ensure you deliver a quality built product, on time every time. – i.e. Ignition, FactoryTalk, WonderWare
Parcel Carrier Integrations – Your business maybe prone to sending dozens, hundreds or even thousands of parcel shipments daily. Synchronizing your orders to be fulfilled with external systems such as UPS and FedEx to name a few is something we are very familiar with. We have built integrations to the most popular carriers, which means our platform will transform your customer orders and shipment details as required, into the appropriate formats for these carriers – transfer the data, request tracking information and then apply tracking and/or cost information back into your ERP system without your shipping department ever having to leave their main screens and keep their standard work to maintain the highest levels of efficiency to get those packages out the door and to your customers. – UPS, FedEx, etc

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MFGx IoT ConnectMFGx IoT Device Connect

MFGx provides modern manufacturers with all of the tools they need to meet the most demanding digital strategies. IoT integration is supported via the cloud as well as an on-premise component which is pertinent for near real-time transactional data capturing. Integration with industry standard packages such as Kepware and Ignition provide a strong on premise footprint to connect all plant floor devices and controls without fear of data loss, breech or latency. Data is collected and stored historically onsite for running reports, developing OEE dashboards, alarming and support of a host of other powerful features to help your operation run smooth and efficiently with as little human intervention as possible. Through various tools we have embedded in our platform, we are able to connect your IoT devices to your business systems to provide smooth transactional data flow while limiting or eliminating manual data entry for maintaining inventory, production counts, job status and other features supported by your ERP or EAM. You’ll be able to take advantage of the entire MFGx suite of applications to satisfy all of your MES needs as well from any device and nearly any form factor.

MFGx IoT Device IntegrationIoT simply means any device or software with the ability to provide a digital or analog signal can be connected. This means CNC machines, presses, assembly machines, welders, laser cutting or plasma machines, CMMs, RFID scanners, thermometers and many more devices can all be connected, analyzed and ultimately transformed into meaningful data for your business operations. With MFGx you can simplify your digital strategy and provide a robust framework for years to come, as technologies change you will not be left using an obsolete, outdated platform.

Connect Any Device

  • RFID Scanners
  • Mobile Scanners
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Weigh Scales
  • Stamping Presses
  • Laser/Plasma/Waterjet/Blade Cutters
  • Punch Presses
  • Injection Molders
  • Temperature gages
  • Pressure and Barometer gauges
  • Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron PLCs and More
  • Modbus Devices
  • Software Programs / ERP Systems
  • Wearables
  • HVAC and Factory Automation
  • And more

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MFGx Mobile MES

MFGx Mobile MES

The true intention of the MFGx platform is to provide you with a fully functional Operational Execution System that is ERP agnostic and compiles with multiple operating systems including iOS and Android. As a subscriber to the MFGx platform, you will have to access to our native mobile interface which provides rich shop floor capabilities including a full MES.

MFGx Mobile will allow you to easily record and track production, manage inventory, handle shipping and receiving, and much more – all from the latest mobile devices. MFGx Mobile is currently compatible with several popular cloud ERP solutions including PLEX Manufacturing Cloud and SAP Business ByDesign. NetSuite compatibility is planned for 2019.

Augment your ERP system with highly configurable and easy to use “workflow based” mobile applications. These applications are designed for the shop floor user in mind. Simple, easy to use menus that are responsive and feel like any other smart phone or tablet application. Minimize training and reduce the impact to the shop floor, while collecting the digital information a manufacturing company needs to successfully compete in today’s global economy and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Production Control Panel
Shipping / Warehouse Distribution
Put away
Material Handling (Move, Split, Merge)
RFID Integration
Cycle Counting
Workcenter Replenishment
And More…


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MFGx Web Applications

MFGx Web Applications

Our experience working with countless manufacturing companies has led us to develop a host of MFGx Cloud applications that go above and beyond your typical MES or ERP functionality. MFGx Cloud applications are available to subscribers to provide an even richer ERP experience. Including a myriad of functionality that can be access from any device with internet access and any web browser. Cloud applications are regularly being updated and extended to provide flexibility to our users and ultimately increase your productivity.

MFGx Task Management

MFGx Task Management – MFGx is 100% task-based. Each task represents a small unit of work that can be completed or assigned. Tasks drive efficiency, machine learning, predictability, and enable the measurement of performance.


MFGx Material Handling

MFGx Material Handling – Displays workcenter production status in a format designed for large screen dashboards and forklift mounted tablets. Shows material handlers which components are running low, and how long before the workcenter runs out. Using production rates, jobs/kanbans, workcenter rates and shifts, we can predict when materials are needed.


MFGx Cycle Counting – Monitor progress in real time and provide users with specific feedback. Additional features on our mobile application include support for mobile and stationary RFID readers capable of assisting in cycle counts at a much faster pace.

MFGx Carrier Dashboard – Carrier integration is a big deal to our customers. We support UPS, FedEx, several large LTL carriers and two TMS providers. Using MFGx we can provide customers with a big picture of all their shipments.


Other MFGx Web Apps:

  • User Dashboards (OEE, Etc.)
  • Company Data Management (Customers, Suppliers)
  • Product Data Management (Items, Recipes, Processes, Bill of Materials)
  • Smart Factory Data Management (Locations, Resources)
  • Integration management
  • User Management (Users, Roles)
  • Inventory Management and Control (Lots, Containers, Perpetual)
  • Quality Management (coming soon Q4 2019)
  • Plant Maintenance (coming soon Q3 2019)
  • Mobile Device Management (coming soon Q1 2019)
  • Procurement and Goods Receipts (coming soon Q4 2018)
  • Production Scheduling & Kanban (coming soon Q2 2019)
  • Orders and Order Fullfilment (coming soon Q4 2018)
  • And more…

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The Wikipedia definition of an operations execution system (OES) is “a suite of manufacturing systems designed to execute operations tasks, such as production, maintenance or inventory tracking.” Also called Manufacturing Process Management and Collaborative Manufacturing, today’s modern OES enables organizations to connect the otherwise disconnected and disjointed subsets of their enterprise systems and edge devices to create a single version of the truth.

A manufacturing execution systems (MES) is typically a subset of an operations execution system and are typically concerned with executing tasks within just the production line. Other systems which might be included within an OES might include warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management systems (SCM) or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), to name a few.

Global enterprises invoking a comprehensive quality management program impacting operations systems seek integrated systems to ease the deployment of such a program. For one reason, quality assurance programs cover many areas of manufacturing, including the processes that intersect each of these activities. By collaborating across operations processes, between different functions and departments, a higher performance operations model emerges, one that optimizes manufacturing output, leading to better quality products produced more cost effectively, to better compete globally.

What makes MFGx OES PLATFORM special?

MFGx is a cloud platform that combines everything you need to run a connected manufacturing enterprise. MFGx not only solves disparate system issues, but if you need MES, inventory control, transportation management, mobility, PLC integration or literally anything else to effectively run your manufacturing operations outside of the accounting department – MFGx is the application to deliver all of that and more. Whether you are looking for a new solution, or simply to build on current systems, MFGx is the missing link you have been searching for.

MFGx was designed and built by manufacturing people with infinite flexibility in mind, making it ideally suited for virtually any manufacturing operation, regardless of what system or combination of systems you are currently running or plan to run in the future.


The Ultimate System Supplement for any Manufacturing Company

If you’re like most companies today, you have more than one system in place that you use to run your business.  In addition to dealing with multiple disparate systems, most companies are also looking to incorporate data from their devices and “things” to drive business improvements and transform their operations. It is also critically important to connect your people and processes if you are to truly achieve a seamless and connected enterprise. The goal is real-time data, alarms and notifications when bottlenecks occur, digitization and automation of processes and advanced analytics to help better predict and plan.

With MFGx companies are quickly and easily connecting all of their external applications, data sources and devices, while staying focused on their core business. Not only does MFGx help connect systems and devices, but it also helps connect your most valuable asset, your people. Connecting and empowering people at every level of the enterprise with user friendly and intuitive mobile applications that make life easier on the plant floor and automate the collection of real-time shop floor data. From the shipping and receiving docks to production control, MFGx will streamline your operations, automate your processes and increase your visibility to critical information all while there is still time to react and make adjustments to resolve issues and keep your operations on a continuous improvement track.

MFGx is the platform as a Service (PaaS) that was purpose-built to handle all of this for your smart manufacturing business.

Craig Scott Founder, MFGx, LLC Managing Partner, Cumulus Consulting, LLC“We have invested thousands of hours into research, design and development efforts over the past few years to build a platform for our clients that has no competition in the market” says Craig Scott, Founder of MFGx. “Decades of manufacturing and automation experience has proven to be our strength, as well as our motivating factor.” adds Craig. “With MFGx we have combined what has traditionally required multiple vendors working together to provide a solution, into a single, scalable, widely supported platform which enables our clients beyond any other product on the market.  MFGx looks forward to working with manufacturers that really want to take their business to the next level, beyond the simple buzzwords we hear every day. MFGx is not just a re-branding of yesterday’s technology like most others in the market. We’re truly re-inventing the future with our clients.”

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