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Cumulus Web 2.0

Cumulus offers a number of add-on applications to enhance, extend or upgrade your existing ERP applications. Cumulus Web, our flagship browser plugin for Chrome or Firefox offers a host of PLEX Manufacturing Cloud applications, including Carrier Integrated Shipping, WYSIWYG Label Designer and much more.

Cumulus Web, our flagship browser application, delivers outstanding performance and flexibility and allows Plex users to expand, extend, and refine how they run their operations with Plex.

Every day, hundreds of Plex customers are using Cumulus Web to help them run their organizations more effectively. These include our 3-Dimensional Truck Cubing application, our Live Workcenter Requirements Dashboard, and our third-party parcel and LTL shipping integrations, which allow you to send and receive important costing and tracking information from inside the Plex application without ever logging into another system.



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Carrier Integrated Shipping

  • Fully integrate with FedEx and UPS, XPO Logistics, and more, in real-time for the shipment of products to customers
  • Provides shipping options with rate quotes, sets up a shipment pickup with the selected carrier, prints carrier-specific shipping labels, and records the tracking numbers without the user leaving their ERP
  • No hidden fees, no per label charges


Truck Cubing App

  • Intuitive 3D display of your trucks loading as you schedule releases
  • At-a-glance overview of scheduled trucks, including space and volume utilization
  • Detailed breakdown of what’s scheduled onto each truck
  • Calculation of scheduled containers and master units helps make sure you’re always scheduling the right amount of product


Visual Label Designer

  • A graphical, drag-and-drop label designer for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
  • Allows you to resize, rotate, and reposition an element using just the mouse
  • Includes a Property Inspector which is the same values you’d see in the traditional Plex label designer
  • Includes a handy datasource search feature for finding the right data to tie to your elements
  • Includes a Grid Tool to assist with alignment and an Overlay Tool to help when creating a label based on an existing label

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