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Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows with MFGX.io - The Future of Cloud Integration Solutions

MFGX.io is the industry’s leading multi-tenant, cloud-based integration solution, enabling users to securely connect disparate cloud or on-premise business systems and application. Best-in-class MFGX.io spans integration across cloud and on premise deployments, easily handling everything from your simplest data connection to your most complex business process.

Leveraging the AWS infrastructure as a backbone to this powerful platform, Cumulus has unlocked the hidden potential for ERP systems such as Plex, SAP, Oracle and others. Prior to MFGX.io, we typically found ourselves building custom integrations to applications such as Workday, ADP, TeamCenter and Magento, to name a few.

With MFGX.io, we have created an agnostic platform that provides near real-time integrations between any systems you currently have or are considering.

MFGX.io boasts a technology stack that is sure to excite anyone who’s up on today’s relevant technology.

The strength that we provide is a robust, scalable platform that automatically and autonomously increases its scalability and capacity on the fly to ensure that there is virtually zero down time.

This cutting edge platform is the only real way to take advantage of your on-premise or cloud applications and bridge the gaps, redundant data entry, inconsistent data, latency and lack of transparency across your enterprise of applications.

“We have invested thousands of hours into research, design and development efforts over the past few years to build a platform for our clients that has no competition in the market” says Craig Scott, Managing Partner of Cumulus Consulting. “Decades of manufacturing and automation experience has proven to be our strength, as well as our motivating factor.” adds Craig. “Combined with our in-house software development team, that has an equal number of years building and modifying business systems, mobile applications and connected device software. At Cumulus we have combined what has traditionally required multiple vendors working together to provide a solution, into a single, scalable, widely supported platform which enables our clients beyond any other product on the market. We are happy to see that other products on the market are finally starting to consider the technologies we’ve been working with for years. That said, Cumulus looks forward to working with manufacturers that really want to take their business to the next level, beyond the simple buzzwords we hear every day. Our products, solutions and services, at Cumulus are not just a re-branding of yesterday’s technology like most others in the market. We’re inventing tomorrow with our clients.”




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