Professional Documents for every need

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Professional Documents for every need

The team at MFGx has recently completed a project to introduce a document designer to the applications suite. This new functionality allows customers to make pixel perfect documents every time as well as beautiful reports.

Localization requirements are no longer an issue, you can create your own customized shipping documents and generate them in real time with your shipments; without having to use separate systems because of our customizable webhook technology. You can also leverage the document designer for other needs such as Purchase Orders, Quotes, Acknowledgements, Work Orders, Barcode labels and even executive reports and dashboards.

Drag and Drop Designer


Customers that use MFGx also have full access to the new MFGx Chrome browser extension. This tool allows you to “trigger” documents from any screen in your system. Notice we don’t mention which system, because its 99% agnostic (sorry users of PLEX “Classic”). So no matter where you are if you have created a custom document to be generated, your end users can create them directly from the same interface they are used to. No need for an external reporting tool such as Crystal, now you can create documents on demand. screen shots

The Document Designer along with our webhook technology and browser extension also can send documents in your specified formats to anyone you wish. For example, you may want to have supplier Purchase orders issued automatically each night or based on some status change. Perhaps you want a sales report emailed to your sales manager every morning or your CEO wants a dashboard that includes sales, returns, scrap and production information from the prior day. All these things are possible with MFGx and the Document Designer. Pull data from one or more systems, merge the data together and create meaningful cross system reports as well. Maybe your quality data is in one system, but inventory and shipments in another and you need to create material certifications or something at ship time, no problem; just ad a button to your shipping screen using our extension and we take care of the rest.

You can also use our system as a barcoding application, no more “easy label” or the like. Just plug in the data you need, design your labels with the drag and drop designer and generate them on demand, in a batch or any way you need all from directly within the context of your inventory system or MES just to name a couple examples.

The MFGx platform allows these customized documents to be shared between customers easily. The MFGx community can now help support each other with various documents, integrations and webhook commands.

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