Container Tracking and Inventory Management

by cscott

Container Tracking and Inventory Management

The team at MFGx has thoughtfully created a new application that allows our customers to manage their returnable or expendable containers. Companies that need the ability to know where containers are located throughout their facilities or supply chain, rely on MFGx to help them more effectively and efficiently manage this.

New requirements are coming down the pipe from AIAG for several OEMs, such as Honda and Toyota to start with, that are going to soon require you to incorporate finite tracking of returnable containers and potentially leverage RFID readers throughout your facilities to do so. Our tracking application supports fixed readers and handheld readers for purposes of updating inventory at time of receipt, shipment and even cycle counting of containers in house or at your suppliers.

Using our packaging configuration options in MFGx, you can define your packaging down to every last little insert or bag going multiple layers deep with a definition of the final assembly or unit. Alternatively, use the configuration to define your singular totes and bins that you want to track. Determine whether you need serialized tracking (1 serial per container) or lot-based tracking (qty per location per type).

We have developed this solution to be a perfect fit for any industry that uses containers or packaging of any type. Included with this is the flexibility for our customers to add their own unique fields to enhance the system for additional tracking of information that maybe more industry or customer without requiring expensive modifications.

Packaging  Inventory

Define your various packaging components or types, associate to specific customers or suppliers and define attributes about those types.

Track the individual serialized containers, the location, status and other details as necessary.

Since MFGx already supports integrations to several ERP systems and customer portals, we can help you integrate this packaging solution to your other software in order to simplify data entry and improve accuracy without the need for any additional middleware.

Additional features are on the road map and will be coming soon, including the ability to track specific serialized containers to the actual inventory that’s inside them as well as other enhancements and capabilities which we will document when available.

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August 06, 2019 at 12:15 am, Marcus Merchant said:

Looking forward to seeing this in October!!

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