Why Choose Cumulus IT Managed Services for Your Organization

by Tim Martin

The Benefits of  Choosing Cumulus Managed IT Services for Your Organization

Cumulus Consulting, LLC offers Proactive Managed IT Services to help organizations effectively manage their IT infrastructure, improve transparency, control costs and reduce downtime by paying a fixed monthly price for setup, maintenance and remediation of issues. This relatively new Proactive approach is rapidly gaining popularity because it allows organizations to take control of IT costs and performance.

Break/Fix (Reactive)

Historically, organizations have subscribed to the “Break/Fix Solution” when it comes to IT support: calling for support only when something goes wrong. When no action is taken until something breaks, downtime and costs go up. Unknown technicians lack familiarity with your organization’s IT systems, valuable time can be lost attempting to identify the source of trouble – an issue that could range from an internet service provider, power issues, an internal wiring mishap, or Wi-Fi connectivity. Add up the costs of time and higher fees for emergency service, and it becomes clear that a reactive approach is no longer feasible.

Managed IT Services (Proactive)

Proactive Managed IT Service is rapidly becoming the industry standard for organizations that can ill afford unplanned downtime or inconsistent costs associated with the Break/Fix IT Management approach. Using advanced monitoring tools, Cumulus Consulting will increase performance, stability and security while decreasing downtime associated with the break-fix approach. With our Proactive Managed IT Service, our primary goal is to detect and remediate IT issues BEFORE they cause costly downtime and loss of productivity to your business. Our Proactive Managed IT Service is a proactive rather than reactive approach. Using state of the art RMM software (Remote Management and Monitoring) all your critical devices are monitored 24/7 allowing for rapid detection and remediation of many issues before they can impact your organization. Real-time performance monitoring, remediation and scheduled maintenance services are a strategic management tool for preventing network downtime and a strategic advantage for your organization.

Proactive Managed IT Service vs. Break/Fix

Consider the following: It’s 9 am, and your network goes down. You immediately make a call to any IT Service provider who will respond quickest. Now what do you do? You wait while productivity comes to a standstill. Fees can be due immediately and often include “emergency” upcharges. A more sensible solution would be to have a fixed monthly cost, 24/7 monitoring, and remediation before a developing issue causes an outage.

Final Thoughts…

Every organization must weigh how much risk they are willing to accept versus the cost of resolving issues. Reactive IT approaches make little sense in our fast-paced world. A Proactive Managed IT Solution from Cumulus Consulting can help you mitigate risk and save time with a fiscally sound fixed monthly cost.



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