What is an Operational Execution System?

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What is an Operational Execution System?

The Wikipedia definition of an operations execution system (OES) is “a suite of manufacturing systems designed to execute operations tasks, such as production, maintenance or inventory tracking.” Also called Manufacturing Process Management and Collaborative Manufacturing, today’s modern OES enables organizations to connect the otherwise disconnected and disjointed subsets of their enterprise systems and edge devices to create a single version of the truth.

A manufacturing execution systems (MES) is typically a subset of an operations execution system and are typically concerned with executing tasks within just the production line. Other systems which might be included within an OES might include warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain management systems (SCM) or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), to name a few.

Global enterprises invoking a comprehensive quality management program impacting operations systems seek integrated systems to ease the deployment of such a program. For one reason, quality assurance programs cover many areas of manufacturing, including the processes that intersect each of these activities. By collaborating across operations processes, between different functions and departments, a higher performance operations model emerges, one that optimizes manufacturing output, leading to better quality products produced more cost effectively, to better compete globally.

What Makes MFGx OES Platform Special?

MFGx is a cloud platform that combines everything you need to run a connected manufacturing enterprise. MFGx not only solves disparate system issues, but if you need MES, inventory control, transportation management, mobility, PLC integration or literally anything else to effectively run your manufacturing operations outside of the accounting department – MFGx is the application to deliver all of that and more. Whether you are looking for a new solution, or simply to build on current systems, MFGx is the missing link you have been searching for.

MFGx was designed and built by manufacturing people with infinite flexibility in mind, making it ideally suited for virtually any manufacturing operation, regardless of what system or combination of systems you are currently running or plan to run in the future.

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