Leveraging IIOT and Smart Manufacturing

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Leveraging IIOT & Smart Manufacturing

Imagine if you could connect all of your machines and IoT devices on your shop floor to your ERP system in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months. Think about the possibilities that rapid digital transformations could bring to your organization. Imagine one platform and one partner that could make all your IoT and digital transformations a reality in less time and for far less than you ever thought possible. The results would accelerate your innovations, enable automation and transform the way your company looks at data, makes decisions and even plans for the future.

Cumulus and Ignition combine to create these solutions and make this, and so much more a reality, while helping you unleash the true value of your technology investments. Leveraging the power and flexibility of Ignition, one of the world’s most widely used SCADA applications, Cumulus has developed pre-configured modular solutions that simplify your plant floor equipment and IoT device integrations. So, what used to take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be completed in hours or days for a fraction of that cost.

“We have invested thousands of hours into research, design and development efforts over the past few years to build a platform for our clients that has no competition in the market” says Craig Scott, Managing Partner of Cumulus Consulting. “Decades of manufacturing and automation experience has proven to be our strength, as well as our motivating factor.” adds Craig. “Combined with our in-house software development team, that has an equal number of years building and modifying business systems, mobile applications and connected device software. At Cumulus we have combined what has traditionally required multiple vendors working together to provide a solution, into a single, scalable, widely supported platform which enables our clients beyond any other product on the market. We are happy to see that other products on the market are finally starting to consider the technologies we’ve been working with for years. That said, Cumulus looks forward to working with manufacturers that really want to take their business to the next level, beyond the simple buzzwords we hear every day. Our products, solutions and services, at Cumulus are not just a re-branding of yesterday’s technology like most others in the market. We’re inventing tomorrow with our clients.”

Cumulus has developed a host of strategic modules that plug directly into a new or existing Ignition installation, allowing you to quickly and easily connect all of your equipment with PLC capability, as well as your CNC machines, weigh scales, scanners, RFID equipment and other plant floor equipment and IoT devices using a single unlimited scalable solution. Best of all, if a connector does not already exist, Cumulus has the capability and the resources to develop one specific to your needs in hours or days instead of months.

Max Cambron, Integrations Manager with Cumulus adds. “Ignition really has been a game-changer for our customers. With Ignition we are able to automate processes, eliminate manual data entry and increase accuracy and the speed of every step of the manufacturing process. Best of all, with Ignition there are really no limits and no need for 3rd party licensing, as is so often required with other solutions out there.”
In addition to simplifying configuration and connectivity, Cumulus’ Ignition solutions resolve redundancy and reporting issues with robust, built-in functionality.

“The exciting thing about what we are doing with Ignition is how it empowers our customers”, says Mike Medwith, Director of Development at Cumulus. “It’s not just about connecting machines and devices, but we’re connecting people and creating a pretty unique eco-system and customer community” he added. “Every time we add a new customer to the community, the solution expands for everyone and the benefits are multiplied for our customers. I think this is the real hidden value that Cumulus is bringing to the table.”

About Our Integrations

As a certified Inductive Automation integrator with experience at all levels of the ISA pyramid, Cumulus has developed strategic modules that plug directly into a new or existing Ignition installation. As one of the most popular and widely used SCADA applications in the world, Ignition provides a robust tool set for connecting all of your equipment with PLC capability, as well as your CNC machines, weigh scales, scanners, RFID equipment and other plant floor equipment that you may have, using a single unlimited solution. There is no need for additional 3rd party licensing with this solution, as you’ll find is required with most other solutions available in the market today. In addition to connecting your plant floor, we’ve also created modules that connect Ignition directly to your business system, whether you have one or many business systems or applications across your enterprise, Ignition can become the single point of truth for your business.

Connectors include things such as: ERP Systems (PLEX, SAP, etc.), PLM software (Teamcenter, Arena), Point of Sale (Clover, Magento, etc.), CAD/CAM (SigmaNest, Tebis, etc.) and many other widely used applications. The best part is that if a connector does not already exist, Cumulus has the capability and the resources to develop one specific to your needs.

Connect Anything

Our products will connect to any existing integrations and databases you may already have. Of course, we prefer to have only a single platform, however, you may integrate our platform with an existing one. Many companies already have Wonderware, Kors, Omron or one of many hundreds of others. Ignition is completely agnostic and will communicate with any existing databases you have.

Several options are available depending on your budget and your in house expertise. Cumulus can provide a full turn-key solution, or simply set you up and show you how to take it from there on your own. Regardless of which method you prefer, our dedicated integration experts are always available to support whatever needs you may have. In addition to the support of Cumulus, you also get the support of over 1,400 other integrators globally, so no matter where your facilities are located, you’re almost guaranteed to have local resources to help with any configuration or training you may need. Inductive Automation also provides basic support and upgrade protection via email or phone to ensure that you never struggle.

When it comes to integration, we are the experts. Built on industry leading platforms and backed by in-house expertise with decades of experience, we can make your wildest dreams a reality. We are the only partner that supports you through all four levels of the ISA pyramid. As a partner to multiple ERP vendors, Cumulus has the largest number of certified implementers, integrators and developers. This in addition to our decades of manufacturing and integration experience makes us the most knowledgeable and qualified partner to guide you through whatever integration project you may have in mind.

The possibilities are truly endless when you have a partner like Cumulus to work with for your integration and implementation needs – no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Connecting people, streamlining and automating processes, increasing productivity and expanding the idea of what is possible. That’s what Cumulus and Ignition are bringing together. The results are delighting our customers, building connections and changing the way people, machines and data are put to work. To work together. To work better. To innovate faster. Join Cumulus and the list of top companies that are leveraging Ignition to connect and transform their businesses.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you get started down the path to a more connected enterprise.

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