Visual Label Designer for Plex

Introducing New Visual Label Designer for Plex

by brooke

Visual Label Designer For Plex

Cumulus is very proud to announce an exciting new feature for our Cumulus Web application that our development team has been proving out internally for several months – something Plex customers have been wanting for years. We’re pretty proud of this one, and we think it’ll make a huge difference in the lives of our customers.

Plex Visual Label Designer

The Cumulus Visual Label Designer is exactly what it sounds like – a graphical, drag-and-drop label designer for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. See the blue boxes surrounding the label element below?

Just like any other modern application, these are “handles” which allow you to resize, rotate, and reposition an element using just the mouse – no need to find the right element in a list and adjust some numbers in boxes (and then reprint a sample!)

Of course, in the event that you DO want to type in a number – if you already know exactly where you want an element, for example – or if you’re just curious what the label designer is doing behind the scenes, you can always use the Property inspector, which shows you the same values you’d see in the traditional Plex label designer.

The Cumulus Visual Label Designer also addresses another major pain point in the traditional Plex label designer: finding the right data to tie to your elements. Our designer comes with a handy datasource search feature to help you find the value you need – plus, you can see which datasources have which values, side-by-side!

Just as the Cumulus Visual Label Designer also simplifies the task of editing element data, making it a snap to build complex elements that use large number of values, such as dates, times, and two-dimensional barcodes. Simply drag a datasource value from the search tab right onto the Data tab to add a new value, or grab the value in the Data tab to rearrange!

The Cumulus Visual Label Designer has a few handy tools for helping you get your label elements exactly where you want them, found under the Designer tab. One of these is the Grid tool. This tool allows you to set a grid size, and configure whether you want to display the grid as a visual guide, “snap” to align elements to that grid as you move them, or both.

Another handy tool built into the Cumulus Visual Label Designer is the Overlay tool. This feature allows you to select an image from your PC to use as an “overlay” – a transparent layer that you can use as an alignment guide for your label. This is particularly useful when you’re creating a label in Plex based on an existing label from another system – you can just scan a copy of the old label (or even take a picture with your phone) and select it as an overlay!

If you’re curious what your label would look like with actual data, you can pick some sample data in the Designer tab, and the designer will update to display the actual values for your selected sample data. The sample data depends on the label type. For example, for a container label, any valid serial number from the current PCN will work; whereas for a part label, you’d need to enter a valid part number.

For an alternate preview mode, you can click the Preview tab to switch over to a PDF preview of the printed label.

This PDF preview isn’t necessarily more accurate than the main design view – it’s more accurate in some ways, but less accurate in others. If you want to be absolutely sure your label format is perfect, there’s no substitute for printing a physical copy – which you can do using the Print link on the Preview tab.

This is just a very small selection of the features available in the Cumulus Visual Label Designer. Our designer is jam-packed with functionality, hotkeys, and handy tools, all designed to make your life easier!

Wondering how you can get it? The Cumulus Visual Label Designer is bundled as part of the Enterprise Package of the Cumulus Web browser extension – for more information, contact us!

If you need just one or two labels, don’t forget – Cumulus will also do the label designer work for you on a fixed-fee basis. Just email us an example of what you need to find out more!

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March 07, 2019 at 10:31 am, Scott Henderson said:

How do we get our hands on the label designer?


March 07, 2019 at 10:37 am, Lee said:

I am interested in this product can you please send me more information.


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